In 2015, the Year 12 Certificate will be replaced by

The matter is now being investigated by the Australian Federal Police. But an agenda for a special general meeting seen by The Canberra Times shows Mr Manuatu is due to be awarded life membership to the ACT Young Liberals. Sitting ACT Liberal MLA Candice Burch will also be given life membership at the same meeting. uk canada goose outlet Opposition reactionAlberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel criticized the announcement in a statement Tuesday, saying welfare is not a solution. Job is to create the conditions which will allow our entrepreneurs and energy sector to succeed, Mandel said. Announcement does nothing to actually expand market access. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose uk outlet It kind of the same role in a way, but I like to start to get that start of the game when everyone really high in energy.” Horsburgh an ambassador for wheelchair rugby league, along with Tom Starling and Andre Niko. The trio were at the Queanbeyan Indoor Sports Centre on Thursday learning the ropes from former Queensland wheelchair rugby league player Matt Collins. Canberra Region Rugby League are holding two come and try days for the sport at the QISC on February 23 and March 1, with the view to forming an ACT competition. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose store After her recent re appointment as chairwoman of the Board of Senior Secondary Studies, former ACT Chief Minister Rosemary Follett welcomed changes to next year formal recognition of achievement. In 2015, the Year 12 Certificate will be replaced by the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and students will receive a testamur and an academic transcript, bringing the ACT into line with other states and territories. All students with an intellectual disability will be eligible for a Statement of Achievement, and external vocational courses including Australian School Based Apprenticeships will count towards a major or minor course in the Senior Secondary Certificate. canada goose store

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buy canada goose jacket It has raised expectations this will contain significant reforms, always easier to pledge than deliver. But one reform we won see any time in the foreseeable future is a change to the GST, despite the present buzz around that tax. The NSW government elevated the GST debate again this week with the release of a tax reform review, chaired by business figure David Thodey. buy canada goose jacket

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