The Company’s Ethics and Business Practices conform to the Shavyl Group Vision and the Company’s Mission Statement.

Manufacturers of PVC Resins and its down stream products that conform to the Specified Standards, saving of foreign exchange and developing technical and engineering capabilities in the country.

Recruitment of personnel on merit offering training and career development, equal opportunities of growth, no discrimination or harassment and reward for achievements.  Improved working conditions, ensuring safety, security and health.

Employees shall not use Company information and assets for their personal advantage.  Conflict of interest shall be avoided and disclosed where it exists and guidance sought.

Ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality products at competitive prices with warranty coverage and ensuring after sale service.

Protection of investment made in the Company and proper return on money lent/invested. A commitment to accurate and timely communication on achievements and prospects.

Prompt settling of bills.  Co-operation to achieve quality and efficiency.  No bribery or excess hospitality accepted or given.

Compliance with the spirit of laws.  Timely payment of all Government taxes and dues.  Eliminate the release of substance that may cause environmental damage.  Financial assistance for promoting education and social activities including games and donation/charity to deserving.

The Company shall neither support any political party nor contribute funds to groups or associations whose activities prompt political interest.  The Company shall promote its legitimate business interest through trade associations.

Company Board to ensure implementation of these codes, regular monitoring, and review for modification/amendment where necessary.