As cat containment expands across the ACT

“That made it a bit more like home. There was a mix of Kiwis and Australians and some South Africans,” Rapana said. “We all live pretty much in the same complex so we got to hang out and made our time more enjoyable. As cat containment expands across the ACT, Domestic Animal Services has beefed up its facilities to take on felines short term and, in the coming months, the RSPCA will also launch a low cost desexing program through a $25,000 government grant. “[We not] considering funding cat rescue groups, however they are welcome to request funding through the budget process,” the spokeswoman said. Minister for City Services Chris Steel said public interest in the new cat plan had been strong, with more than 4000 people taking part in a survey and more than 100 writing submissions. canada goose uk black friday In 1986, the federal government gave the land to the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council, which effectively acts as a body corporate for the self regulating community. The council chief executive, Mal Hansen, declined a request for comment. “The board of directors of council have advised that, until the final test results have been received and examined, then it is premature to discuss this issue,” he said. canada goose uk black friday

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