Pakistan PVC Limited is a Chlor-Alkali/PVC Complex, producing PVC Resins and processing these and other thermo-plastic compounds into finished and semi-finished products. The Plant is situated at Shaffiabad , Gharo district Thatta , 66 KM from Karachi. Another production facility for pipes and fittings has been put up at Islamabad Industrial Area.

It was constructed in the middle sixties in collaboration with M/s Shin-Etsu Chemical Industry Company Limited of Japan, the largest producer of PVC Resin in the world and M/s Sekisui Chemical Company Limited of Japan. The plant started producing PVC Pipes as early as in 1966 and we were the pioneers to introduce this product in this country.

The Plants have been upgraded from time to time. Turning the PVC Pipe Plant into the largest and the most modern extrusion facility in the country. The machinery , coming from the best extrusion machinery manufacturers in the world , M/s Toshiba of Japan , M/s Wavin Overseas of Holland , M/s Shekisui of Japan and M/s Cincinatti of Austria. Besides the PVC Pipe Plant , the Company has various units for the production of PVC Resin based Compounds and finished products for consumer and industrial use. SHAVYL pipes and fittings are made according to the internationally established standard. Our trained engineers are sent to foreign countries not only to acquire most modern technology but also to render technical assistance to our various customers.